New Workouts

New Workouts

New Workouts
  • Pilates + Barre Burn 2.0

    Level: Intermediate | Advanced | Time: 26 minutes | Props: Glider(optional)

  • Tricep & Back Flow

    Level: Intermediate | Time: 20 minutes | Props: Theraband

  • Core with Ankle Band

    Level: Intermediate | Advanced | Time: 20 minutes | Props: Ankle Band

  • Standing Leg Flow: Booty + Balance

    Level: Intermediate | Advanced | Time: 26 minutes | Props: Ankle Band

    *This routine is ideal if you're looking for a booty and balance challenge that you can progress with heavier weights or keep light if you'd like. Combine with an upper body or ab quickie for a longer flow.

  • Core with Gliders

    Level: Advanced | Time: 8 minutes | Props: Gliders

    *This workout will take you through some core moves mimicking the pilates reformer. It's the perfect quickie to help you connect with each and all of your abdominal muscles.

  • Cardio Quickie

    Level: Intermediate | Advanced | Time: 12 minutes | Props: Medicine Ball or Throw Pillow

    *This is the perfect cardio quickie for days when you're craving a sweat but don't have a of time. It can also be combined with a strength routine or abs.

  • Full Body with Weights: Upper Body Focus

    Level: Intermediate | Advanced | Time: 28 minutes | Props: 5-10lbs Dumbbells

    *This workout is a full body routine utilizing weights with an emphasis on upper body and core. This is the perfect go-to workout for days when you're short on time but want to incorporate some weights while tapping int...

  • Lengthening Mat Flow 2.0

    Level: Intermediate | Advanced | Time: 35 minutes | Props: Ankle Weights, 3-10lbs Dumbbells

    *This workout is all about elongating your muscles as you work them. It's the perfect full body routine in under 40 mins for days when you're in a bit of a rush but want to get a full body workout that le...

  • Obliques with Bender Ball

    Level: Intermediate | Time: 16 minutes | Props: Bender Ball

    *This workout is ideal to add to any other routine or as a quickie if you're looking to work on those side core muscles and tighten your waist.

  • Thighs, Booty, & Core Flow

    Level: Intermediate | Advanced | Time: 25 minutes | Props: Resistance Band

  • Pilates Arm Flow 2.0

    Level: Beginner | Intermediate | Time: 17 minutes | Props: 3-5lbs Dumbbells

    *This arm routine is perfect if you enjoy pilates style arm workouts with light weights. Combine with a lower body and/or core flow for a more complete routine.

  • Pilates & Barre Burn

    Level: Intermediate | Advanced | Time: 24 minutes | Props: Resistance Band

  • Sexy Back

    Level: Intermediate | Time: 14 minutes | Props: Long Resistance Band/Theraband

    *This workout is perfect as an addition to any routine but especially weighted workouts, runs, or anything that has trained your abs and quads more.

  • Back & Booty Strength

    Level: Intermediate | Advanced | Time: 16 minutes | Props: Heavy Ankle Weights, Bender Ball