6 Weeks Intermediate | Advanced Program

6 Weeks Intermediate | Advanced Program

This 6 week Full Body Program is great for practitioners who are experienced in pilates and looking to bring things up a notch. The workouts will vary between high intensity routines inspired by the reformer and cardio/HIIT in order to improve cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

You will repeat the same routine for 6 weeks in order to increase muscle memory, strength, mobility, and endurance.

CALENDAR: Below you can find your program calendar which you will follow for the next 6 weeks. You should be able to save this or print it if you'd like to keep it handy.

EQUIPMENT: For this program you will need the following list of equipment.

*For direct link to suggested brands for each of this equipment, go to the “New | Beginner: Start Here” section on your workouts page and click on the “Welcome Information” PDF.

•BENDER BALL(substitute: for throw pillow folded in half)

•RESISTANCE BAND/HIP BOOTY BAND(substitute: theraband wrapped around or simply skip)

•3-10 LBS DUMBBELLS(substitute: 2 bottles of water)

•ANKLE WEIGHTS(skip if you don’t have)

•GLIDERS(substitute: paper plates for rug or small towels for hard flooring)

•LATEX RESISTANCE BAND (substitute: theraband wrapped around or simply skip)

If you have any questions about any of the moves or the challenge, reach out directly via IG @vbfitlifestyle or email me at [email protected]

Don't forget to tag @vbfitlifestyle on IG so we can see you killing it!

*If you tend to get bored doing the same thing every week, check out our advanced weekly schedule which changes every week.

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6 Weeks Intermediate | Advanced Program