6 Weeks Beginner | Intermediate Program

6 Weeks Beginner | Intermediate Program

This 6 week Full Body program is great if you're new to Pilates/exercise, have not exercised for a while, or for practitioners of any level who prefers medium intensity workouts with a sprinkle of some challenging moves.

You will repeat the same routine for 6 weeks in order to increase muscle memory, strength, mobility, and endurance. Once finished, you can move on to any of the more advanced programs or weekly schedules.

CALENDAR: Below you can find your program calendar which you will follow for the next 6 weeks. You should be able to save this or print it if you'd like to keep it handy.

EQUIPMENT: For this program you will need the following list of equipment.

*For direct link to suggested brands for each of this equipment, go to the “New | Beginner: Start Here” section on your workouts page and click on the “Welcome Information” PDF.

•BENDER BALL(substitute: for throw pillow folded in half)

•3-5 LBS DUMBBELLS(substitute: 2 bottles of water)

•ANKLE WEIGHTS(skip if you don’t have)

•THERABAND(any long resistance band that stretches)

If you have any questions about any of the moves or the challenge, reach out directly via IG @vbfitlifestyle or email me at [email protected]

Don't forget to tag @vbfitlifestyle on IG so we can see you killing it!

*If you tend to get bored doing the same thing every week, check out our weekly schedule which changes every week.

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6 Weeks Beginner | Intermediate Program